Silver Fern Finance Savings Plan












Over the past 5 years we have seen an ever increasing demand from banks and lenders for an increased deposit and evidence that the client has the ability to make regular repayments.


As a response to this trend we have developed a program that allows the individual to take control of their savings and to reach their end goal.  All savings are held within your accounts at all times while making it harder to dip into the funds on a regular basis.



To ensure that there is no barrier to those who will benefit most from the program we do not charge any thing for the program.

 Add to this there is no bank fees at all during the program.  We want to see as many people as possible take advantage of this opportunity.



The Process

  1. Arrange a time to meet with us to ensure you are eligible

  2. Decide on amount that is required and how much you will contribute each week

  3. Complete application along with ID and your bank statement

  4. Savings program will continue to build towards your goal


Here to help

If you need would like to know more about the program contact us via our contacts page and we will be in touch or complete contact me form below.



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