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Why do I need Risk Insurance?

Are you the happy-go-lucky kind of person who believes life insurance is for people in retirement?

It's why we often don't consider risk insurance as a priority.  But perhaps we should.


Peace of Mind

Unfortunately, illness, injury and other circumstances beyond our control can change our situation in the blink of an eye.  But what does this mean for our family?


Making sure your affairs are covered, gives you and your family the peace of mind they deserve. Consider this.

  • If you were unable to work, would your family be able to continue paying your commitments?

  • Would you have to change roles if you became disabled?  

  • Would this reduce your income?

  • Could your family service financially without you?

  • Do you understand what exclusions or policies your current insurance holds?

  • Do you know the difference between agreed value and indemnity value?

  • What happens to your insurance if you move employers?

  • Do you regularly review your insurance in light of your changing needs and circumstances?


Here to help

We can help you secure the appropriate risk insurance that reflects your existing needs.  So you get the most out of your policy.


If you already have a policy, we can assist you with determining whether it still suits your circumstances and advise you on smart alternatives


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